About Us

What We Do:
     Swamper Design has intentionally placed itself right between giant corporations and the guy doing projects out of his basement. We are proud of the services we offer and strive to keep our projects and goods as professional and of the highest quality as possible. But at the same time we like to make sure that each project we take on will be a fun adventure from start to finish. Not only for us but for our clients as well. Often the big wig companies offer great products too. But the journey through to its completion can be strenuous and exhausting. We love what we do and we have fun doing it, so we want to make sure you are having fun right along side of us. We love and encourage constant communication throughout a project. We are always excited to show you what we have done and we are always excited to hear about your ideas. Even if you didn't have anything to talk about in regards to a project we want you to contact us anyway. Tell us a story, tell us a joke. Heck, tell us how lunch was and invite us along next time.
     We are constantly learning as the market we are in is always changing. We like to keep our work professional, and affordable. Making it possible for anyone or any company to still receive top of the line service.
Company History:
     Our company 5716 Design was formed in 2001 and was originally just graphic design and web design for many years. 5716 Design created and maintained website for many local business as well as designed business cards, logos, flyers and DVD cases.
     In April of 2015 we bought a custom shirt and engraving business that had been in business for 25 years. We discontinued our web design services and relocated to Northfield, Ohio. We opened an all new store under the name "The Swamper Design Company" as well as an online store.
     Originally we kept all of the services originally offered from the previous company we had acquired. However as we grow, we have been adding services, discontinuing other services and constantly making sure our focus was pointed towards what people are interested in. We are in a constant state of growing and trying to step outside of our comfort zone to provide our customers with new and better services.
     In 2017 we registered the trademark for "Nordonia Gear" and started selling a large line of Nordonia Spirit wear available in our retail store. Our gear was ready for purchase right off the shelf. You could stop in, look at it, feel it, try it on. It was a much different approach to Nordonia spirit wear than had been done before. Prior to our team shop any Nordonia spirit wear had to be purchased through order forms during different times of the year through random companies. Our retail store became the leading Nordonia Team shop in town. This was the same year we started working with the local Nordonia Hills School district and became the official Nordonia Team Shop.

What is a "Swamper"?
     Swamper is the name of the owners dog. His love for animals and graphic design became the name "The Swamper Design Company". Swamper can be found at the store sometimes. So come on by and meet him.  

Swamper, sleeping on the job....

Swamper sleeping on the job.