Minimum Quantities

     We get a lot of questions about minimum quantities for custom orders. Many other custom apparel shops seem to turn away small orders. While we love large orders, we are able to accommodate almost everyone including small orders.
Screen Printing: (12 items & up)
     Screen printing is a very affordable solution for larger orders, however it is not very affordable for small orders. A minimum quantity for screen printing is 12 pieces and you want to keep the colors in your design down to a minimum. There is more set up in screen printing compared to other options, and without the quantity to spread out the cost of setup doing a few shirts gets somewhat expensive.
     Aside from the benefit of becoming more affordable the larger the order, there are also benefits when it comes to the detail you can accomplish with screen printing compared to other options for decorating a shirt such as heat press or embroidery. There are also benefits with screen printing with the size of your design. You can make a design as big or small as you want and it stays the same price per color. Whereas embroidery and heat press pricing increases and decreases with the size of your design.
     There are price breaks for quantities at 12; 24; 48; 96; 144; 288; 500; 750; 1,000; 2,500; 5,000 & 10,000+. Sometimes you end up getting more shirts for less or similar pricing for hitting the next price break.
Heat Press: (1 item & up)
     Heat pressing an item is a very affordable solutions for very small orders. There are limitations on the design though as it must be done in only 1 color.
     Using our heat press material for custom shirts is a great option for low quantity orders, but is not very affordable at higher quantities. Unlike screen printing where the cost becomes less the more you get, heat pressing pricing stays almost the same no matter of the quantity.
     There are also more restrictions on the design detail you can get out of heat pressing. Very small text or very intricate designs that would work with screen printing will not work when using heat press material.
     Unlike screen printing, the cost is very much related to the size of your design as cost per square inch is taken in to account for using heat press material.
Embroidery: (24 items & up)
     Embroidery costs are similar to screen printing as the larger the order, the more affordable each piece gets.
     Embroidery pricing is determined by stitch count in your design. Which means the larger or smaller your design can affect the cost of stitching.
     There is also a fee for digitizing your design for embroidery. This cost is a 1 time charge and will not be charged again for future orders using the same design. A digitized file is similar to a cnc file and tells an embroidery machine where to stitch. A lot of people confuse this with vector art or print ready artwork. A digitized file can not be viewed without an embroidery program. File extensions for embroidery are commonly .DST or .EMB If you already have a ready to stitch digitized file you can avoid this digitizing fee.