Screen Printing (12+ pieces)

Screen Printing Need custom t-shirts printed? The Swamper Design Company offers quality screen printing services for individuals, companies, schools, family reunions, or for any other occasion. We will help you take your idea and make it a t-shirt reality.

         Screen printing is the solution for volume garment printing projects. We can also print on other items such as sweatpants, towels, canvas bags, etc.. Whether you need promotional giveaways or if you're starting your own fashion line, our in house art department and printing specialists will give your job the specialized attention it deserves.

         What is screen printing? Screen printing is the process of decorating a material with a stenciled design by forcing ink through a mesh screen, transferring the design from the screen onto the material. Traditionally, the design stencils were hand cut or painted, but today the screens are coated with a photo emulsion which creates a negative image from the design transparency when exposed to UV light. The term "silk-screening" comes from the silk mesh that was originally used on the screens, but today's screens use a polyester mesh on a wooden or aluminum frame. Each color is printed one-at-a-time from a separate screen, either by a person holding a squeegee in the case of a manual printing press, or by a machine which pulls the squeegee in the case of an automatic printing press.

         $$$ - Pricing is based on the number of colors in your design. Printing on dark colored items is more expensive because it requires a white base coat in most cases.